What is Infrared Thermography?

Any object with a surface temperature above absolute zero (-273°C) radiates infrared energy proportional to its temperature. This energy is invisible to the naked eye but by using a radiometric thermal imaging system we are able to create a thermal image of the view, called a "thermogram,” and measure temperatures to within +/- 2°C.

As these images are seen in real time they allow us to gather data quickly and to monitor many types of equipment, even dynamic processes.

This ability to observe working machinery or live electrical systems without contact makes infrared thermography an invaluable predictive maintenance tool.

How it's applied.

Infrared thermography, or thermal imaging, is a predictive maintenance technique employed by MarinIR to study the thermal signature of live electrical systems and machinery in operation. Thermal anomalies caused by faults in the equipment can be identified by a trained thermographer who is familiar with the types of equipment under inspection. These might be poor electrical connections or faulty components in a switchboard or a distribution network, for instance, or in mechanical systems we might detect inefficient cooling, poor lubrication or exposed hot surfaces in the vicinity of fuel or lub oil pipework.

Another method is condition monitoring where a baseline image is recorded and compared with further images taken over time, observing and responding to any trends that develop. If a change in temperature is an indicator of a problem then this is the tool of choice.

Unplanned stoppages can be inconvenient, expensive, even dangerous. Our aim is to help clients keep the wheels turning by identifying and reporting potential issues and to provide the opportunity for faults to be remedied before they can develop to the point where breakdowns occur.

"It's all about risk reduction. You know what they say about sharks. It's not so much the ones you see that you have to worry about, it's the ones you don't see."

And it's the accumulation of knowledge and experience that only comes with dedication, ongoing training and years in the field that makes a proficient thermographer. With over 20 years experience and Level III Certification from the Infraspection Institute we can provide a level of service few others can match in New Zealand whether it be conducting inspections, mentoring newcomers to thermography or helping to establish in-house thermography programs.

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Image of thermal imaging

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