Thermography isn’t all electrical connections and slipping drive belts. Every now and again we come across something out of the ordinary.

Much of the equipment installed in TV and radio relay stations is very shiny stainless steel or polished copper from which it’s practically impossible to get a reliable temperature reading with an IR camera.

This device is a U-tube waveguide carrying the signal between two sections of a transmitter. The bright spot in the image was on a hose clamp, fitted tightly around the lower entry. After confirming that this was definitely not a reflection and that, somehow, it actually was hot at that point, the in-house technician was informed and asked for an opinion.

His test method was to touch it with his fingertip. Once he’d stopped screaming and hopping around the room he inspected the tip of his index finger to find a tiny, dark hole punched into it where he'd been zapped! An RF burn. That must have really hurt.

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